Ah, spring. It seems like it will never get here! Thanks to Phil the Groundhog, it looks like we have an extra six weeks of winter to slog through before we get to sweet, sweet spring. The last few weeks of winter can be particularly depressing. It’s too cold to go out, you’ve watched everything good on Netflix, the holidays are over, and there’s no novelty in the cold weather anymore. We’re also willing to bet that your skin, wardrobe, and body could use a spring in their step, too! Well, we’re here to help. Here are just a couple of ways to help you make it through this long, final six weeks of winter.

Make Plans

Making plans, for anything at all, can help keep you focused on moving forward, and not getting stuck in the emotional muck and mire of late winter. This is a great time to plan a family or friends vacation, a home renovation project, a conference to keep you sharp at work, or anything at all. On the plus side if you’re planning a trip or scheduling work to be done on your home, planning well in advance can save you money. It can also make the whole process less stressful because when it finally rolls around, you’ll be prepared and won’t have any sticker shock to deal with.

Update Your Wardrobe

Late winter is a great time to take stock of your closet and wardrobe. Cull through your winter items and see what hasn’t been worn, what needs to be repaired and what needs to be replaced. Pull out your spring and summer clothes and try things on, make sure your favorite pieces are still in good condition. This is a great time to make a big trip to the dry cleaners, and the tailor’s too, bringing anything that needs to be repaired or cleaned.

Now comes the fun part! Once you know what you have, you can start shopping for a few new pieces. This year there are lots of fun new trends to try including cropped bootleg jeans with a distressed hem, and jumpsuits. However, it’s always a good strategy to make sure you have a few quality, new classic items ready for that first warm day. A beautiful summer sweater, a fun patterned maxi dress and playful summer flats are essentials that you can spend these next few weeks shopping for.

Start Your Engines

It can be tough to get outside in the still cold and gray weather but choosing a new workout routine to get the jump on your spring fitness can make you feel motivated and boost your spirits. This is a great time to plan any fitness goals you might have for the coming warmer months too, and get your training plans ready. Whether it’s running a half-marathon or just hiking with your dog every weekend, we bet that you could use a little tune up after this long winter. So, stay in and get ready!

Embrace Winter Sports

If you want to exercise during the winter, it helps to participate in winter sports that you can enjoy outside. You don’t have to be a tremendous athlete to enjoy winter sports. Simply grab a sled and head for the nearest hill to have a blast. You can strap on a pair of snowshoes and learn how much fun it makes getting around in the wintertime. Learn how to cross country ski. Enjoy the rush of downhill skiing or snowboarding. When you enjoy winter sports, be sure to wear the right gear by using things like this snowboard size chart.

Skin Refresh

As the seasons change so does your skin. The end of winter is a great time to assess the quality of your skin and take your routine to the next level. By upgrading your skin care routine and paying close attention to what your skin needs you can help support it through this change of seasons. Gentle exfoliation, moisturizing and making sure you have plenty of your favorite sunscreen on hand are all great ways to get your skin in shape for spring. Try a DIY at-home whole body scrub to uncover fresh, clean skin for spring.

We hope these tips will help you get ready for spring, and make it through these last few weeks of winter.


by: Vincent Stokes