SURAT: City-based businessman Mahesh Savani will play parent to 111 girls who have lost their fathers by hosting their wedding in a lavish ceremony organized on Sunday.

The day before the event, Savani, a businessman with interests in real estate and diamonds, was busy getting massive pandals erected and taking care of little things.

The wedding includes girls from all castes and religions—the nikah of three Muslim ‘daughters’ will also be performed.

He has also arranged for gifts worth Rs 4.5 lakh—including gold and silver sets, vessels, furniture and other domestic items—that will be given to each of the 111 ‘daughters’ as they start a new life with their husbands.

Savani, whose grandfather had come to Surat with Rs 70, says this is his way of giving back to society. “I do not ask for any donations for the mass marriage. This is my endeavour as there is nothing more pious than giving away a daughter in marriage,” he said.

The mass marriage will take place in a school compound in Abrama area of Surat. Interestingly, in a bid to give a message to society, not to waste money on marriage ceremonies, two girls will be married only by exchange of garlands… see more

source: times of india