KABUL: President Hamid Karzai hoped that successful conduct of presidential runoff election would steer Afghanistan towards prosperity. A number of senators called on President Karzai here on Saturday, where they hailed the achievements of the past 13 years under the wise leadership of the incumbent president.

Speaker of the Upper House, Fazel Hadi Muslimyar, said that among of the great achievements of President Karzai were strengthening national coherence and creating national security forces. Senator Rafiullah Haidari briefed the president on activities of the Upper House in the past four years. During past ten years Afghanistan excelled in many areas on international level and the national flag has been waved at several multilateral conferences and seminars, he added.

Sediqa Balkhi, another senator, appreciated President Karzai’s indefatigable efforts in reconstructing the war-hit country. To honour his good works, Muslimyar presented souvenirs to the president. Hinting at the recent attack on a convoy of the presidential runner Abdullah Abdullah, President Karzai said that the blasts was engineered by enemies of peace and prosperity in Afghanistan.

The president added that such attacks would not weaken Afghans’ resolve to cast their votes for candidate of their choice. “By electing next president of the country, Afghans will steer their country towards lasting stability,” President Karzai said.