A stuntman has successfully jumped the Snake River Canyon in a tribute to his boyhood idol Evel Knievel.

Eddie Braun, 54, hurtled across the 1,400ft wide canyon in southern Idaho in a custom-built rocket dubbed “Evel Spirit”.

The rocket hit an estimated 400mph before its parachute deployed, allowing Mr Braun to land safely in fields on the other side.

Knievel has failed in his attempt to traverse the canyon on 8 September, 1974, when his parachute deployed prematurely partway across. He walked away with only minor injuries.

Mr Braun said his rocket was identical to the “X2 Skycycle” model used by Knievel and said he hoped his effort would prove the stuntman could have made it across if his parachute had deployed correctly.

Prior to his attempt, he had asked his young son to walk his sisters down the aisle at their weddings if he died in the attempt… see more

source: skynews