Trapped inside a Moscow airport, one of America’s most wanted whistleblowers Edward Snowden may finally be able to book his flight to freedom. Nicaragua Venezuela and Bolivia have offered to welcome him.

It comes after the Bolivian president’s plane was diverted in Europe on the unfounded suspicion Snowden was aboard his flight out of Moscow. Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro took the opportunity to denounce theUSA’s actions: “I announce to the governments of the friendly nations in the world that we have decided to offer the international humanitarian right of asylum to protect the young Snowden from the persecution that has been unleashed from the imperial North American power, against a young man who only spoke the truth.”

Snowden is yet to accept Maduro’s invitation. There are no direct flights, and leaving European airspace will be tricky. Wikileaks said he had applied to six more countries on Friday bringing the total number of demands to 27. The whistleblowing website refused to name which ones “due to attempted US interference”. They fear what will happen if he is caught by America.

“If he falls into the hands of the US, he will be tried and certainly charged. If a French or British civil servant had done the same thing, they would be dealt with in the same manner,” said Claude Moniquet from the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Centre.

Snowden’s journey which began at home in Hawaii before he left for Hong Kong to start leaking sensitive information about US government surveillance programmes is now the subject of an online movie. Made by Hong Kong filmmakers, it is anyone’s guess who will write the real ending to the Snowden saga.

source : euronews