Starting a Billion ollar Business: Lessons from D Gary Young at Young Living

Young Living is one of the largest and most influential health companies in the world. In the span of a few years, the company went from a small business to a massive company. The CEO of the company has done an excellent job improving the business.

Gary took a unique approach to management, and he enjoyed teaching other people various lessons about operating a business. D Gary Young was an excellent role model for young business leaders.

Essential Oils

The most common products at Young Living are essential oils. There is scientific evidence that these oils can improve a person’s health. Essential oils are perfect for people who do not want to follow the advice of traditional doctors. These products have also been proven to help with behavior problems in children.

Gary’s Background

Gary had a robust background as a business owner. Although he passed away in 2018, his legacy still lives on in his home state of Utah. When Gary was 24, he suffered a brutal injury while logging in Canada. He moved to Canada from Idaho to live life on a homestead. After his injury, he was forced to use a wheelchair for a short period. He started studying alternative medicine practices during this time. He quickly learned that the modern medical industry does not genuinely care about health customers. Instead, the vast majority of hospitals do not recommend lifestyle changes to clients.

Gary moved to Washington and began a medical practice. Although he was not a licensed medical doctor, he provided medical advice to people who asked. He started cultivating plants that could help various ailments. After nearly a decade of operating a home-based medical practice, Gary decided to start Young Living.

In 1993, Young Living was founded by Gary Young. Although Gary had significant plans for the company, he never dreamed it would turn into one of the largest healthcare companies in the United States. Young Living is one of the largest vendors of essential oils in the world. Each year, millions of customers purchase essential oils from Young Living.

Business Advice

Before he passed away, Gary provided a ton of business advice for people interested in starting a company. He told people to follow their passion when starting a company. A lot of new business owners only look for business opportunities to earn additional income. Over time, these people get burned out from operating a business. Instead of taking this approach, Gary recommended working in an industry that gave business owners a purpose in life.


Gary was an expert in advertising. Although it took about a decade for his business to become successful, he always focused on marketing new products and services to clients. He provided research that showed all of the benefits of utilizing essential oils. He also allowed people to earn extra income by selling essential oils to friends and family members.

Thousands of people signed up to sell essential oils as a way to earn extra income. Although many of the participants did not make money, there were hundreds of people who became so successful that they quit their corporate jobs. Gary was always willing to offer business advice to people selling his products.


Gary suffered from a series of health issues late in his life. Although he ate a healthy diet and exercised, he still had strokes on a regular basis. At the age of 68, Gary passed away from his health complications. His wife took over Young Living as the new CEO, and since that time the company has continued to prosper.

by: Dennis Hung