South Korean media reported that Pyongyang has once again test fired two short-range missiles on Monday, the latest “provocative” move in what they believe to be retaliation for the ongoing military exercise with the United States. Last Thursday, the reclusive state also launched four Scud missiles in an apparent move to “raise tensions” in the region.

At around 6:19 AM on Monday, the first of the two Scud-C type missiles was fired from North Korea’s Southeastern coast and flew an approximate of 300 miles where it landed in the East Sea, or what is commonly known as the Sea of Japan. The spokesman for South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense said that they believe these actions are part of their provocation due to the Key Resolve command post exercise between South Korea and the United States which is due to end Thursday this week. Tests like this however are fairly common for North Korea, and oftentimes goes unreported by Seoul.

While the US initially downplayed the incidents, Washington later on said that this was still a violation of the sanctions on their missile program that has been imposed by the United Nations. Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steven Warren said that the resolution explicitly states that Pyongyang is prohibited “from launching any ballistic missile, and this includes any Scud missile.” Both the militaries of Japan and South Korea are now stepping up their observation of the North’ activities, given the two missile launching incidents.

source: japandailypress