A man in South Wales has been told by a court he cannot insult his mother on Facebook after getting into an argument with her over his computer.

Samuel Hinkin, 20, was also jailed for six weeks following the incident where he kicked through a door and threatened to burn down the family house in Bridgend.

He pleaded guilty to criminal damage and cannabis possession at Bridgend magistrates’ court.

Presiding magistrate John Viney warned him about posting anything negative about his 53-year-old mother Susan.

He said: ‘You should not contact her directly or indirectly and you should also not write anything derogatory about her on Facebook or Bebo.’

Hinkin’s barrister David Sedgewick said his client had been left without a home to go to following the argument and going to jail would provide him with shelter.

‘The only advantage of him being sent to prison is that some accommodation will be arranged for him,’ he added.

source: metro UK