New “smart” shoes will get you where you’re going without ever having to check your phone’s GPS or look at a map. By syncing to an app, the high-tech kicks — also available as a simple shoe insert — will map the fastest route and even count calories and steps while you’re on the move. “You set a destination, put your phone back into your pocket and just start walking,” said Krispian Lawrence, co-founder of Lechal, which means “take me there” in Hindi. Sensors built into the insert and shoes vibrate to tell you where to turn. “It’s very intuitive,” Lawrence said. “The vibrations are light — like a tap on your shoulder. If someone taps you on your left shoulder, you instinctively turn left.” The vibrations become longer as the turn gets closer.

Lawrence and partner Anirudh Sharma launched Lechal for the visually impaired, but realize the product will be beneficial to anyone… see more

source: nydailynews