Juggling tasks such as include bookkeeping, customer service, employee supervision, and planning make your life as a small business owner challenging. As a matter of fact, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed.

In many cases, you can improve the operation of your business by making a few tweaks. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference to you and your team.

Try the following simple hacks to make your business streamlined and efficient.

Set achievable goals

Some business owners don’t have any goals at all. Others may think about goals, but never write them down. Even if you set goals and write them down, they might not do you much good.

Your mind knows the difference between the possible and the impossible. For instance, if your goal is to increase sales by 2,000% in one year, you might have difficulty convincing yourself that you can achieve that goal.

Do yourself a favor and set goals that are well-defined, realistic, and attainable. You should also specify a time frame for achieving goals so that you can measure your progress toward achieving them.

Additionally, to get the best results, focus your goal-setting on creating processes that will help you achieve your desired outcome rather than the outcome itself. This type of goal will help you make incremental improvements that will deliver your desired results.

Use technology

Your business might not be able to support another person on the payroll. That’s OK. Thanks to technology, you can still get extra help. A virtual receptionist can answer the phone for you, eliminating distractions and freeing your time.

In addition to automating the processing of incoming telephone calls, your phone system may help your business to seem significant and progressive. Even better, your decision to automate the handling of your telephone calls will continue to pay off even as your company grows.

Get started by contacting quality business VoIP providers who can help you get the features that make the best fit for your business. You can also find phone systems that integrate with your CRM application to automate more of your marketing and sales processes.

Take a break

Small business owners like you have a lot on their plate. You can easily become involved in tedious work that can become monotonous. Rather than forcing yourself to continue with tasks on which you can no longer focus, take a short break.

Consider limiting yourself to 90-minute intervals for all of your tasks. This will help you escape fatigue and keep your mind and body functioning at optimal levels. After taking a break, you can choose to either return to the same task or start working on another.

If you have employees, you should have them work at similar intervals. This approach to work will help everyone become more productive and feel more satisfied with their work. As a result, you can expect to enjoy improvements in your firm’s productivity and employee retention statistics.

Push away from the desk

People who sit too much can experience problems with attentiveness. In many cases, the dangers of sitting can become life-threatening. Do yourself a favor and get away from your desk. Set up tables in your work area that allows you to be productive while standing.

Of course, standing can benefit your entire team For instance, rather than having meetings while seated around a conference table, have them standing up. This idea can improve the engagement and energy of your attendees while reducing the number of people who fall asleep.

You and your team members can alternate intervals of working seated and standing. This can do much to make work days go by faster while becoming more productive. As a bonus, you could enjoy noticeable health improvements.

In summary, you can take simple steps that can have big effects on your small business. After trying the above hacks, make a habit of looking for new ways to save time and money while boosting productivity.

By: Walter Bodell