Hands in hands

Do you see these lines here

The ones that go this way and then that

They don’t mean a thing

All that matters is you

And me



Face to face

Do you see this worry here

The thoughts that go so far away before coming back

They are good, I’m glad you have hopes

But all that matters now is you

Next to me

Right here

Right now


Brick on brick

Do you see it’s overcrowded in there

The people you see daily always smiling and waving

They are just shadows, darkened by your bright shine

Because all that matters now in this moment is you

Right next to me

Standing right here

Smiling right now


Miles and miles

Do you see how they stretch on endlessly like ripples

The kind that cross state lines and go through tiny towns

They are just right, because they led my skin to yours

Because right now all that matters from here on out, is you

Holding on for the ride next to me

Tomorrow is standing right here

And I am smiling right now


Days upon Days

Do you see them stacking up higher and higher upon one another

The sun rays run around and turn upside down to reveal the stars of your dreams

They are just the drums and the beat of our lives starting to intertwine

Because in the moments where I’m in your arms, all that matters from here on out, is you

Holding on to me through this wild and crazy ride, next to my side

And now Tomorrow is standing right here in front of us

And we’ll take those steps, smiling, right now



By:  Jeanna M Szuch