WHEN you think of Apple, you may think of high technologies and innovation. But that didn’t stop the company from being scammed by one man using a low-key trick 42 times. According to the Tampa Bay Times , Florida man Sharron Laverne Parrish Jr, aged 24, allegedly defrauded Apple 42 times in 16 states, totalling $A329,237.

In the US, when a debit card is rejected because of insufficient funds, the store can punch in a manual override code which forces the transaction to go through. The code is a specific number of digits but the combination of the code is essentially irrelevant. The EFTPOS terminal will accept any number sequence.
What the brazen Mr Parrish allegedly did was trick an Apple store employee into thinking he was on the phone with the bank and then give her the code “the bank” was reciting to him over the phone.

He pulled this off 42 times all over the country, actually hitting one store twice. He also allegedly tried it with a car rental company and hotel in Seattle. Mr Parrish may have drawn inspiration from a similar case in New Jersey in which a woman was sentenced for three years for pulling the same trick at Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic and other stores to the tune of $592,952. Mr Parrish’s case is still before the court but he was held without bail.

source: news.com.au