MANILA, Philippines – Sharon Cuneta seems overwhelmed by issues involving her family that she vented her thoughts anew on Twitter, July 17.

The Megastar intimated that drawbacks seem imminent when it comes to inheritance, with her barrage of tweets beginning with:

“Wow. Sorry to vent. High na my BP. Feeding frenzy going on. Buhay pa my mommy, dami nang vultures! Iba talaga ibang tao pag-dating sa pera. Lumalabas ang kakapalan ng mukha ng mga tao. Kahit pa — o lalo pa — pag kadugo mo.

“Wala na nga kami minana, inuubos pa mama ko. BAHALA NA ANG DIYOS SA INYO!”

More than anything, Sharon said her “only concern” is her mother, Elaine Cuneta.

“Basta ako, CUNETA and apellido ko. Actually, I am MY FATHER’S DAUGHTER. And at this very moment I am feeling like Michael Corleone of The Godfather! Grrr!” she added.

Some of the veteran TV host-singer-actress’ tweets recently seem emotional and pertains to family concerns. And although she’s thankful to her fans for their continued support, Sharon confessed that “one day I will run away.”

“Perhaps when my kids are old enough. I am tired,” said she, who’s a mother of four.

A talker she may be especially on TV and interviews, Sharon said she “WAS BORN A LONER & I STILL ENJOY BEING ALONE. Or with at least a very small group.”

“How nice to someday also experience real FREEDOM. I promised myself, before I die, this will happen,” she related.

In parting, she called out to her friend, a certain Anna Maria Zosa, whom she apparently misses.

“@AnnaZo_de_Perez Wish you were here to comfort me, hold me back when I see nothing but red & pull my gun out, talk some sense into me, tell me they’re not worth it,” said Sharon.

KC Concepcion, Sharon’s eldest daughter, assured her mother through Twitter that “everything will be okay.”

“Lift it up & smile because you’re not alone! @sharon_cuneta12,” she tweeted also on early Wednesday morning.

Although times are “tough,” KC told Sharon, “Please don’t forget you can count on me. I’ll take care of u…”

According to recent reports, Sharon’s concerns have something to do with the dispute over the inheritance from the estate of her late father, former Pasay City Mayor Pablo Cuneta. Recall that in 2009, Sharon admitted feeling hurt that she and her family failed to get their share of the inheritance because of someone she did not name but whom her father had greatly trusted.