“According to ASTI (Acid Survivors Trust International), the UK has one of the highest rates of recorded acid attacks in the world. Most worryingly, it reports that of the 2078 acid-attack crimes that were recorded between 2011 and 2016, only 414 of those resulted in charges being brought.” In USA more than 600 women are raped every day and three women are killed by their partners daily. But Sharmeen Chinoy would never dare say a word about it let alone making a documentary?

As a journalist we know how to angle a story and obviously one cannot do this all the times. Pakistan is under attack of 4th Generation Psychological Warfare and negative imaging and black propaganda with the help of international media which is part of this. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy a Canadian citizen was seemingly commissioned to find some dirt on Pakistan i.e. make some documentary and obviously she found vulnerable women who could be used for propaganda. She offered them money and got what she wanted from them on camera.

The victims claimed they were abandoned by their families and also by Ms Chinoy who did not fulfill her promise to pay her Rs. 3 Million and a 5 mirla House claimed Rukhsana Be Be’ main character of the documentary. She said: ‘due to this film my family has disowned me, my husband left me and no one is talking to me. I am incarcerated”. She was talking to the Express TV and Express Tribune correspondent.

Link of Ruksana Bebe Interview with Express News TV.

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source: thelondonpost.net