You are your best friend. A friend who would never lie to you, a friend who would never hurt you, who would never leave you alone, who would take you out from the darkest night, who would raise you when you are down, who would appreciate you when you are going smoothly on a rough road, who alone would give you a huge round of applause and would be there for you till the end of life.

We are surrounded by people who are no more faithful, they will beat you when you are already beaten, they will smash you when you are already scattered, they will pull you back when you are pushing yourself harder to touch the aim and will make the road even more rough when it is already hard for you to cross that uneven track. One person who is honest to you is you yourself.

Mirror shows reflection-a brighter one and a darker one. Brighter one is the reflection of a person who has the ability to control his emotions, who is not the prison of his feelings while the darken one is the reflection of a person who is captured in the web of emotions, he might see a blur reflection in the mirror because he do not know much about himself, he is the slave of his emotions and they run him the way they want. A person who is the puppet of his emotions when gets into any trouble can never let him out of it because his authoritarian feelings did not allow him to do so. Those troubles beat him down, he get trapped and finds no way out. But the brighter one did the opposite, he beat his emotions down and does not let them come in his way of success. He has his emotions under the pile of books which he will only allow in certain situations where they are needed. A troublesome situation never scared him instead he would fight with it. When a person gets this courage, his own self who is his best friend will move two steps ahead of him. That minute strength or courage is the stimulus for the activation of the best friend.


By:  Sajeela Bakht