Selenators were in for a treat on Friday, as word spread that Justin Bieber’s on-again, off-again sweetheart’s new music video for “Slow Down” leaked a little earlier than expected.

The song is the second single, following “Come & Get It,” off Selena Gomez’s debut solo album, Stars Dance.

In the above video — which is currently unembeddable via YouTube, but was nabbed by gossip site Perez Hilton — Gomez cruises through Paris in the backseat of a sleek black car, and from time to time, hits the dance floor with some risqué, not-very-Disney moves.

“I just wanna feel your body right next to mine, all night long,” the Spring Breakers star sings. “Baby, slow down the song, and when it’s coming closer to the end, hit rewind.”

Although artists don’t always respond positively to leaked projects, Gomez’s Twitter has so far been quiet about the video’s premature release. For the rest of Twitter, however, it’s a different story.