“Controlling your mind is a life-long process. The best way is to make
it your best friend, so that you are able to work in tandem to
discover the self`s own natural state.”

Know who you are and understand your strength and weaknesses.

Know what you want.  Know your goals and what you want out of your life.

Be yourself and make connections.  Try to know and network with people
and be able to determine who can be with you  in times of bad weather,

Empower yourself,  empower others and encourage others to excel beyond measure.

Rule the world,  rule your world and figure it how, when and where to
make the best.   Yes you rock and rock your world!!!

Life is so beautiful.  Live it.  Love it.  Keep the passion burning.

Any person with a purpose in life can face obstacles and challenges
eyeball to eyeball.  Define your purpose in life.

Love life and claim your right to be happy.   We have the right to see
things in proper perspective.  It is our choice.

There is a burning flame inside of us.  How to handle it at its worst
or at its best is a day to day challenge.  Set yourself on fire and
achieve your dreams.

“Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion.   You must set
yourself on fire.”

The magic words for a lasting relationship are:   ” I love you just
the way you are. ”   Now and forever!

Hug yourself.   Pat yourself on the back for doing great.
APPRECIATE yourself ever!

Kiss your reflection in the mirror.   High five yourself.   For making
others happy and for making YOU happy in return.

Garbage in;   garbage out.   Your mind can work only with what it is fed.

We all need our physical and mental batteries recharged on a regular
basis.  Take time to rest and enjoy life!

Truth has to do with what is real,  versus gossip, innuendo, and
hearsay.  Focus on telling yourself the truth.

Noble refers to royalty.  Think like a king.  Don’t stoop to common thoughts.

Right thinking has to do with ethics and integrity.  Think well and
speak well of yourself.

Note the things that make you distinctive.  Rather than wasting mental
energy strategizing how to be more like the crowd,  you  might do
better to spend some of your thinking time on how you want to set
yourself off from the herd.  Be different,  be very different.

Be different and go for interests that make you unique.

Look back over your life and determine the times when you’ve been
happiest and most successful.  Go for it.

If there is a need to shift, change or redefine your life,  so much
the better.  Achieve your dream and set yourself on fire.

“I wanna be free,  like the blue birds flying by me.  Like the wave
sounds of the blue sea.  If your love has to try me,  don’t try me and
say goodbye.  I wanna be free…”

Set yourself on fire and keep the burning flame inside of you.   Deal
with it at its best or at its worst.   Achieve your dreams!

If you want honey you have to deal with the bees.   That is life itself.

Every hill in life is too high if we think we must climb it all at
once.  But no hill is insurmountable if we take it one step forward at
a time.

“Steal joy: This is an amazing exercise practice that you use to`trick
yourself into changing your mood or state when you `re feeling
miserable. First accept that this so and allow it to be. Don`t fight
it. Converse with yourself;  take a break from your misery, for just a
day.  ( Rohini Singh )

Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.

Seeing the greatness in YOU is vital.   If you see yourself as great,
then you will see others as great as well.

We look for the good in each other, in our world, in people in the
workplace, in nature, and in everything.   Then appreciate not only in
words but in deeds.



By:  Margie Gellor Villanueva