A new website has information on schools following the IB, British, American, Indian, Emirati, Filipina and Iranian curricula

One of the biggest problems of expats families moving to Dubai is looking for a school for their children.

Although many rely on information passed by friends, colleagues and acquaintances, word-of-mouth cannot help compare all schools in one go, and opinions sometimes tend to overshadow the facts.

And there are so many factors to consider: a school’s KHDA rating, the fees structure, teacher-student ratio, location and for some parents, even the curriculum is a factor that they’re not clear about.

Now, a new website School Finder (http://www.schoolfinder.ae/) has released information about nearly all schools in Dubai and the best part is that you can select institutions of your choice and compare them in one shot.

Catering to the expatriate communities as well as local population, the website has information on schools following the International Baccalaureate (IB), British, American, Indian, Emirati, Filipina and Iranian curricula.

One can also look for schools by location, in one particular community, and then compare them on different aspects.

For example, you can pick three IB schools and then compare them. It will give you a brief summary of the school and provide information on the school grading by KHDA, which lets you know the level of Math, Science and English being taught in those schools.

It also tells you of teacher-student ratio and fees charged – vital information that parents need to know before deciding upon the school. All this is done in a tabular form so that everything is one webpage.

The initiative has been started by parents. “School finder was created to make life simpler. It was set up by parents, for parents searching for schools in the United Arab Emirates. We are not a business,” reads the website.

“We are not in it for the profit (although a profit would be nice). We wanted to serve the local community by providing an essential and unique service, so our first aim is to provide a platform allowing parents to find schools with the minimum of fuss. Hopefully, we aim to grow this into a resources site for parents and children who want to know everything about education in the United Arab Emirates,” it reads.


source: emirates247