In her sturdiest defense of her ties to Israeli soft drinks company SodaStream, actress Scarlett Johansson on Sunday slammed the British charity Oxfam from which she stepped down as an ambassador in January.

Oxfam had criticized her decision to sign a contract with the maker of carbonated drink machines. SodaStream’s factory at the settlement of Mishor Adumin in the West Bank, employs Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews.

But speaking to British newspaper the Observer, Johansson said she had no regrets over starring in a SodaStream ad. She said: “I think for a non-governmental organization to be supporting something that’s supporting a political cause … something feels not right about that to me.”

She also said Oxfam had “funded a BDS [boycott, divest, sanctions] movement in the past.” The Observer writer added that Oxfam denies supporting BDS against Israel.

Although Oxfam had said it understood the independence of the stars who volunteer to help the charity, the organization said it officially “believes that businesses that operate in settlements further the ongoing poverty and denial of rights of the Palestinian communities that we work to support.”

Still, Johansson said the case against the factory was debatable…. see more