PEOPLE tend to see us differently than we see ourselves.

Sometimes we find relief from the guilt we feel by putting the blame
on others or on circumstances.

Never allow yourself to behave like a human doormat,  inviting others
to take advantage of you.

Accept your limitations to self –forgive.  Forgive yourself.   Let it
go.   Don’t  feel bad about past failures.

Self-forgiveness is different from accepting forgiveness.

You have a difficult time making a decision when you have multiple choices.

If you are unwilling to make a commitment better ask why?

If  you have turned down opportunities in the past  which you regret,
it is never too late to start all over again.

“Consider that your life is like a computer.  When you receive a
signal that there is no more room remaining on your system,  you must
free up space if you hope to load any new software or files.  You have
to condense your files or delete some.”

When we are unwilling to edit our priorities and make room for what is
more productive and effective,  we miss out on golden opportunities.

Even If we recognize our opportunities,  they are practically
worthless unless we act on them.

Saying and doing are often very different responses.

Never fear failures.  When we have once experienced failure,  we are
often reluctant to commit ourselves again.

If we do not say yes at the right time,  we may not be able to say yes at all.

Consider time constraints on the matter at hand.   Don’t assume too
much or too little.

Say yes to the right things.  The goal is not to say yes more but to
say yes to the right things for the right reasons.

Never confuse materialism with wealth.

Never  buy the lie.  Be able to discern right over wrong.



By: Margie Gellor Villanueva