Saudi Arabian Airlines on Friday joined other major Gulf airlines in suspending flights to Peshawar. This follows an attack by gunmen on a Pakistan International Airlines flight at Bacha Khan International Airport in the northern Pakistani city.

Saudia became the fourth international airline to do so after Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways. A Saudia official said that the flights to and from Peshawar have been suspended because of security concerns.

Emirates had suspended flights from June 25 until further notice due to the security situation at the Peshawar airport. Etihad Airways said it had canceled a flight scheduled to land at Bacha Khan International Airport on Wednesday and would make further decisions based on an assessment of the security situation.
A Gulf Air official said the airline was “actively monitoring the security situation” and did not have a flight scheduled until Saturday.

According to reports in Pakistani media, investigators found that a foreign-made M-16 machine gun was used by Tehrik-e-Taleban Pakistan extremists to fire on the flight arriving from Riyadh.

source: arabnews