NEW DELHI: Tennis star Sania Mirza on Friday wondered how many times will she have to prove her patriotism.

A day after slamming Telangana BJP leader K Laxman for his ‘Pak daughter-in-law’ barb, Sania said it was a matter of great honour for her to be brand ambassador of Telangana.

In an interview to Times Now, Sania Mirza said, ‘This country has made me what I am. Why shouldn’t I represent Telangana and Hyderabad.’

Hitting out at her detractors Sania asked, “why did she need to explain her patriotism?”

Sania, who had reacted strongly to the Pak barb on Thursday, broke down on Friday during the course of another interview given to NDTV.

Sania blamed patriarchy for BJP leader’s sexist remark, saying “we live in an extremely male chauvinist society (and) unfortunately have to deal with this as women”.

“I have been playing for my country for so many years and saying — time and again — that I have an Indian passport and am (still) playing for India,” said Sania, a recipient of India’s fourth highest honour, Padma Shri.

“I do not know whether it happens in any other country where you have to keep proving that you are from that country. Is it because I am married to someone from another country? Is it because I am a woman?”.. see more

source: times of india