Pakistan’s top diplomat in New York visited the Pakistani-Americans affected by last week’s Sandy storm as part of continued efforts to inquire about their well being and coordinate relief work in accordance with instructions of Ambassador Sherry Rehman.

Consul General in New York, Faqir Syed Asif Hussain, visited the Bay Side shelter, which has been set up in a Coney Island school.

The shelter is temporarily housing over 200 Pakistanis who had to evacuate their homes and move to safer locations.

He stayed with them for more than an hour. The diplomat appreciated the efforts of community leaders and organizations, particularly the American Council of Minority Women, for their humanitarian work.

The Consul General is coordinating with local community leaders for food and other necessities to affected Pakistanis. Earlier, the Consul General also visited some areas of Bronx and Queens Boroughs.

Meanwhile, Pakistani-American leaders have appreciated the embassy’s reaching out to members of the community affected in the massive storm, that battered the US east coast last week, killing sores and leaving millions without power.

“This outreach represents a very important gesture that the Pakistani government cares about the expatriates and is ready to help them, when needed,” Dr Nisar Chaudhry, head of Pakistan-American League, said.

Other community leaders including Irfan Malik, a businessman and Moeed Yousaf, a think tank analyst, taking part in a TV program, also expressed appreciation for the embassy’s efforts.

As the US administration continues its restoration efforts, the Pakistan Embassy in DC and the Consulate in New York, under the guidance of Charge’ Affairs Dr. Asad M. Khan, remain dedicated to facilitating Pakistani expatriates, the embassy said.

In this regard, the emergency hotline set up last week in the Consulate and notified to the public to help Pakistanis get in touch with their relatives impacted by the hurricane is still in place and active.

The numbers for the two lines are 212-472-6807 and 212-472-4345. Scores of calls and emails have been received and responded to by the Embassy and the Consulate and the concerned officers in New York continue to do so, the embassy said.