Merely having a smartphone mount on the handlebars doesn’t make a normal bike smart. That requires a lot of additional design, engineering, and even more tech — including cameras and laser beams. Samsung’s been working on a concept bike in conjunction with Maestros Academy.

Samsung co-founded the academy earlier this year with designer Leo Burnett’s Milan office, with the goal of “preserving Italian craftsmanship in the digital age.” For the smart bike in particular, the design team wanted to help reduce the number of cyclists involved in accidents each year — preserving actual Italians, as it were. Front and center (literally) on the bike is a magnetic smartphone mount. Slap on your Galaxy phone and fire up the app to control the bike’s systems. There’s onboard LED lighting for nighttime riding and a rearview camera so you can safely keep tabs on traffic as it approaches from behind — video is streamed to your bike-mounted phone. And then there’s the four bike-mounted lasers.

The lasers on Samsung’s bike aren’t designed to take out incoming foes riding inflatable watercraft, obviously. They’re part of the bike’s safety system. Fire them up, and a virtual bike lane gets projected onto the roadway to make sure motorists give you enough room to ride. The smart bike can even turn on the lane markers automatically when your phone’s ambient light sensor indicates that it’s getting dark.
How does the bike communicate with your phone? It’s hiding the maker’s secret weapon, an Arduino, which gets paired via Bluetooth. The Samsung app also does the typical social fitness stuff. You can track your rides and share them with other smart bike users, see where other people are riding, and even keep tabs on how many people are riding the same path as you in real time… see more

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