Samsung is the latest company with music on the brain.

The manufacturer is going up against iTunes Radio, Pandora and Spotify with its newly-announced ad-free radio service called Milk Music. The service, which is powered by Slacker and includes a library of 13 million songs, is only available for download via the Google Play store if you have a Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Even if you have an Android device, you won’t be able to download the app without a Samsung Galaxy-branded device.

Similar to how you would use an old radio dial to find stations, Milk Music lets you to move your finger over the touchscreen to tune between the stations. You can choose from about 200 curated stations — everything from pop hits (’80s, ’90s, etc.) to jazz. You can star songs you like, add them to playlists and pick stations based on artists. A nice perk is that you don’t have to sign up for an account or even log in via a social network to gain access.

Another benefit is that Samsung promises the service will be free of ads, which can get annoying when listening to web-streaming platforms like Pandora and Spotify. Since it’s powered by existing service Slacker, there aren’t other features that set it apart from what’s already out there. Although it has a website, Milk Music is available on mobile only.

Samsung didn’t specify whether or not it would ever roll out the service to non-Galaxy devices in the future.

source: mashable