After months of hints and rumours, Samsung has finally debuted its first foldable phone at the Samsung Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. But we may have been left with more questions that answers…

As revealed a few weeks back, the new device is a tablet that converts into a phone when folded. This is possible because of Samsung’s new ‘Infinity Flex Display’ which apparently allows long-term use without any screen degradation.

According to a report from Lifehacker, the device was only shown for a very brief amount of time at SDC.

However, what we do know is that it is 7.3-inches while in tablet mode and has a third OLED screen on the side of the device that can be used while folded. While we haven’t really seen this yet, this extra screen sounds similar to a patent that had been attached to Samsung’s foldable phone several months back.

It will also be able to run up to three apps simultaneously with something that Samsung is calling a ‘Multi Active Window’.

When it comes to looks, the device itself seems quite thick, which is unsurprising considering its a first-generation foldable device. But its hard to distinguish much else at this stage. see more