Senior citizens, or those beyond the age of 65, make up more than 20 percent of Japan’s population. And Japan’s graying populace is expected to increase greatly over the coming years. That may not be something new, but the business sector has found a way of making a profit from Japan’s population dilemma. Sales of adult diapers have now surpassed baby diapers.

Three Japanese paper companies have also embarked on adult diaper production. Both Daio and Nippon Paper, because of increasing demands, even had to make more rooms in their manufacturing facilities to accommodate production of adult diapers, or “incontinence products.” Adult diapers are said to sell more than twice compared to those for babies. Annual sales of adult diapers yield 6-10 percent increase, resulting to 140 billion yen (approx. 1.4 billion US dollars) spent for consumers past 65 years of age.

Nursing homes for the elderly, as well as hospitals are considered to regularly spend on adult diapers. This makes the business more promising. Besides adult diapers, other business institutes also consider catering to other needs of the senior citizens like lunch box delivery and small packaged meals. Some are also keen to secure customer loyalty. In April of the previous year, convenience store chain 7-Eleven offered discount cards for the elderly, who may avail a 5 percent discount.

source:  Japandailypress