Iranian President Hassan Rouhani pledged Friday that his government would “honor our promises” in the “historic” nuclear agreement if the United States and its partners honor their commitments.

“Some think we should either fight with the world or give in to the global powers,” Rouhani said in a televised speech. “However, we believe none of that. There is a third path. We can cooperate with the world.”

“New cooperation with the world — both in the nuclear sphere and other areas — will open a new page” for Iran, he said of the tentative deal, which calls for the lifting of sanctions in exchange for limits on Tehran’s nuclear program.

“We need economic productivity, employment for the youth and development of non-oil products,” he said. “Thus our people can witness better things for their welfare.”

Rouhani said Iranians “do not seek to deceive” the international community and will “stand by the promises” laid out in a tentative framework agreed to Thursday in Switzerland with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — plus Germany… see more

source: usatoday