(NEWSER) – Can robots be racist? It appears that way, per results from Beauty.AI, a beauty competition designed to take predisposed prejudices out of the mix by having AI-driven algorithms judge instead of humans. But results from the competition indicate that even ‘bots have biases, the Guardian reports.

Forty-four winners were chosen out of about 6,000 entrants from all over the globe who uploaded pics to Youth Laboratories’ site, allowing the “robot jury” to make its assessments based on supposedly objective criteria such as facial symmetry and how many wrinkles and pimples a person had, TNW.com notes. But the winners had one thing in common that posed its own new wrinkle: They were mostly white, with the five-robot panel selecting only a few Asian contestants and just one dark-skinned entrant in the women’s 40-49 age category. And while the Guardian notes most of the people who entered were white, there were plenty who were people of color, especially from India and Africa, who should have, in theory, made more of a blip in the winners circle… see more

source: newser.com