Dubai: Tickets for the Dubai Tram will cost Dh3, irrespective of the distance travelled. The 10.6-km tramway, which is on track to open on November 11, is connected to Dubai’s automated fare collection system, Nol. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) had earlier said that the fare for the tram will be calculated based on Dubai’s existing zonal fare structure, but those plans seem to have changed as, according to the existing fare structure, travel within a zone costs Dh2.3.

“Tickets for a ride on the tram will cost Dh3, whether a person travels between two stations or rides through all the stations. I think this is one of the cheapest fares for trams when you compare with other cities,” said Abdul Mohsin Younus, CEO of RTA’s Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, speaking to Gulf News on the sidelines of a workshop for representatives of hotels located along the tramway.

Commuters will be able to travel on the tram using their existing silver Nol cards for a uniform rate of Dh3, while people using red tickets will have to pay Dh4 per ride. The geographical area of the city is divided into seven zones with fare increases depending on the zones travelled.

According to the current fare structure, a trip within three kilometres using a Silver Nol card costs Dh1.8, within a single zone costs Dh2.3, between two adjacent zones costs Dh4.1 and a ride across multiple zones costs Dh5.8. The fares double for the Gold Nol card users…. see more

source: gulfnews