Minneapolis – FlipToast is a social app that enables users to connect to their preferred social network (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest) without the use of a browser.
The social networking app, FlipToast, has come a long way since its inception. The company W3i already unveiled plans to release a compatible version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 release scheduled Oct. 26, 2012 for its next operating system.
FlipToast offers users an easy-to-use interface, and it simplifies the process by logging into to your favorite social network without a browser. The app to an extent is a unique solution given the popularity of many well-known social networking solutions.
What are the features of a browser-less experience? You can still do some of the same actions on Facebook for example without using Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.
Users of FlipToast once the app is installed can do the following:
• Drag-and-drop photos
• Chat
• Invite and recommend games to friends
• Post a status update
• Many more features

The app is the first to offer a new functionality known as “contracts” offered on Windows 8, which allows any to apps to communicate while enabling FlipToast to share links or video content from other applications instantly.
FlipToast currently allows you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest at this time. In a diversifying era of multiple platforms of information a need and demand to create curating services will be necessary for users and experts alike because of the abundance of information on the web.

FlipToast’s design over time has moved to a single point of entry. Months earlier the app got a new and improved functionality, an integrated social search option and many more cool features.
“We kind of wanted a long-term vision for FlipToast. Be able to integrate the different platforms, and aggregate them all for this upcoming release,” said Social Media Community Manager at FlipToast, W3i Kristen Weis. “Get all the popular social networks in one location, so users don’t have to go different places. Make it super easy to share content across multiple networks from one convenient location.”
Weis described the process as collaborative with the Windows development team and worked closely to meet the requirements. The relationship was spawned from an internal connection between the companies that allowed this project to be launched exclusively for Windows 8.

“Taking FlipToast from conception to nearly a million users and now being the first social app in the Windows 8 Marketplace has been surreal for me. We’re super excited to be partnering with Microsoft to help users socialize their metro experience!” exclaims Shivani Khanna, Product Manager, W3i.
Current metrics according to W3i for FlipToast:
• 130,000 daily active users (DAU)
• 40 percent of users are from the United States (U.S)
• 8 percent of users are from the Brazil
• 7 Percent of users are from the United Kingdom


Ref: http://digitaljournal.com