Qatar is still the most peaceful country in the Middle East, but a new report has asserted that the nation’s “frequent” diplomatic squabbles is putting its ranking in danger.

The 2014 Global Peace Index ranked Qatar 22nd out of 162 states worldwide based on the country’s safety and security, domestic and international conflicts as well as the degree of militarization.

That’s down three spots from last year, and a drop from the 12th-place spot Qatar held in 2011 and 2012.

The Institute for Economics and Peace, which prepares the annual study, asserted that Qatar is likely to slide further down the rankings, saying it is among 10 countries that are most likely to see deterioration in peace over the next two years.

It’s the only high-income nation on that uneviable list, which generally encompasses countries with social factors and institutions that are unable to absorb a potential shock.

Behind the numbers

Qatar’s high ranking in recent years is due largely to its domestic stability, specifically the lack of violent demonstrations and violent crime, among other factors.

The country received good marks across many of the 22 indicators used to compile its score, including homicides, terrorist activity and involvement in external conflicts.

However, it fared poorly for its large volume of imported arms and recently strained relations with neighbors… see more

source: dohanews