HOLLYWOOD—The fight plan has been laid out and if Manny Pacquiao pursues it to perfection, Floyd Mayweather Jr. could end up with his first loss in 48 fights.

The Filipino superstar radiated confidence and excitement on Wednesday before his workout at Wild Card gym in Hollywood in preparation for the May 2 (May 3 in Manila) title bout at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao laughed when told that the defense-minded Mayweather had called him “a very reckless fighter.”

“Reckless fighter? That’s how people like me and love me, because they like an exciting fight,” Pacquiao said. “We call this boxing (and) boxing is more punching.”

No room for mistakes

The Filipino’s chief trainer Freddie Roach, who plotted the strategy in consultation with his prized ward, said there would be no room for mistakes as Pacquiao tries to add another chapter to his ring legacy.

“We have to fight the perfect fight,” Roach said. “(Mayweather) is a very smart fighter. He’s definitely very, very hard to hit. But I think that his legs are giving out on him.

“I really believe in my fighter. I believe we can outpoint this guy and if the knockout comes it comes, but we really believe we can go in there and win one round at a time.”

Of course, Roach, a seven-time trainer of the year, would rather that Pacquiao stop his rival in the early going to avoid complications arising from dubious judging, as when Pacquiao took an unexpected loss to Tim Bradley in 2012.

And based on the focus and dedication Pacquiao has been showing in training, Roach guarantees that Mayweather will be taken into deep places he’d never been before in his career.

According to Roach, already enshrined in boxing’s Hall of Fame, the rewards of Pacquiao’s efforts are showing.

“I haven’t really seen him have this much speed and power in a long time,” Roach said. “My chest hurts really bad (from Pacquiao punches on his padded chest while training) right now. You can see how much it means to him. He lives for these huge moments, and he knows what this fight means. Floyd is in trouble.”

“The key will be execution,” said Roach. “Obviously, Mayweather can’t keep up with Pacquiao’s hand and foot speed.”.. see more

source: inquirer