Choosing a career is an enormous life decision that can feel extremely overwhelming. After all, which career should one choose, and why? A lot of people try to go for the types of careers that they think will make them more money. There are a lot of reasons for why there is more to choosing a career than just high salaries.

Personal Fulfillment And Happiness

Some people don’t really care about what career path they follow, and are okay with having any sort of career. However, some of us desire to pursue careers in specific fields that we love that are not known to be high paying or stable. If we do not follow our passions, our regrets can eat away at us and we can emotionally suffer. As we look back on youthful years, we may say to ourselves, “I should have pursued that when I was young—when I had the chance!”

Face it, we only get one chance to live our lives. If you love art, go for it! If it has been your childhood dream to get involved in non profit accounting, go for it! When we are not fulfilled and happy, we feel stressed out. Stress damages our bodies and our minds in many ways. It causes us to not approach things with a clear mind and to make worse decisions. Sometimes we do things that destroy our health when we are stressed out. Some people eat out of stress, gain weight and develop health problems. Other people may turn to drugs and alcohol.

Even if we do not resort to negative habits as crutches, stress can still wreak havoc on our bodies. When we are stressed out, our bodies have chemical and mechanical stress responses. If we are stressed out for long enough periods of time, various parts of our bodies, such as our hearts and blood vessels, can get damaged.

Usefulness to Society

When a person has a job, he or she is taking part in the inner workings of human society. Each job fills an important role, and with the importance of that role comes responsibility. It doesn’t matter how menial you think a job is because someone is relying on you to do something for them, and you are expected to do the job correctly and not let them down.

Unfortunately, when people pursue careers with high salaries just for the money, you wind up getting workers who don’t know what they’re doing, or don’t care, or don’t the job correctly or show a bad attitude. A lot of people become doctors just for the money, which is not good because, really, people should only become doctors when there is something about being a doctor that they are passionate about. A doctor who is in it for the money and doesn’t properly do his or her job is just as good as nothing. There are plenty of doctors out there who are completely useless because of their bad attitudes, lack of compassion and obvious zest for the almighty dollar. In fact, a doctor who doesn’t know anything or do his job properly is a detriment to society. Do you want to be a detriment to society?

Location and Travel

To some people, it is a high priority to travel or to be in a specific location. This is important to consider when choosing a career—outside of the reason of making a lot of money. Perhaps there is a good job available in one location, though you really want to live in another location. If you really have a burning desire to live in the place without the better paying careers, then it might be worth it to pursue what you want. Some people may feel obligated to stay in a place because of the presence of friends and family.


Author Bio:  Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for  Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.