The Republic of Turkey is basically situated in west Asia and south-eastern Europe. Turkey is a democratic, constitutional republic and has a mosaic of cultures. The official language is Turkish.

Turkey has a population of about 70 million of which 98 per cent is Muslim. Most of the Muslims in Turkey observe the fast during Ramadan. In many families, even young children are very excited about fasting, and some parents do allow them to fast if they can withstand the long hours without food and water. According to Amina Tuna Erturk, a Turkish social worker and human rights activist, fasting helps them understand the importance of not wasting food and also opens their eyes to the blessings they have received from Allah.
One typical Turkish Ramadan custom is the use of drum rolls before the dawn prayers. Drummer boys or men go around the neighbourhood, making loud noises with their drums to wake people up for Sahor (the pre-fast meal). It is a reminder to wake up and eat something before the fast begins. After the meal, people answer the prayer to call and flood to the mosques for morning prayers. People refrain from eating, drinking and smoking in public during the holy month.
By evening the streets are crowded with people and a festive mood prevails. Most of the restaurants in Turkey offer special Iftar menus which includes a variety of dishes. Once the prayer call for breaking the fast is said, the minarets on the mosques flash a green light. This is to show that it is time to end the fasting.

For Iftar, people generally eat freshly baked flat bread “pide”, mezes, soups, a variety of Kebabs, pilav (rice mixed with vegetables) and borek (a kind of pastry). Families are seen exchanging food. It is a time when respects are paid to the elderly and when the family comes together. Tents are also put across the length and breadth of Turkey to serve free food to the public.
Ramadan is considered as a time to dedicate oneself to God. One considers this as the time to establish his/her relation with Allah by indulging in prayers and recitation of Holy Quran. Ramadan in Turkey is a different experience as there is an impressive array of festivities and the brilliant cultural show.
source: times of Oman