Quantum of the Seas, billed as the smartest cruise ship yet to sail, was unveiled in Southampton ahead of its maiden voyage.

The 168,666 ton vessel is among the 10 biggest liners to be built and, its Royal Caribbean owners boast, features several high-tech attractions new to cruise ships.

Among them are a cocktail bar manned by a robotic arm, virtual views on LED screens posing as cabin windows, and – look away now if you thought holidays were a chance to get away from it all – the ability to host video conferences with colleagues stuck in the office.

It has a skydiving simulator, an app to oversee planned activities, a wristband to organise purchases, on-board bumper cars and, for passengers for whom the 18 decks aren’t enough, a huge mechanical arm that lifts an observation capsule 300 feet above the waves.

The vessel is due to set sail tomorrow for New York on its maiden voyage. It is more than 1,100ft long, has a top speed of 22 knots and room for 4,180 passengers… see more

source: Independent UK