A Qatari man, Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabar, has been sentenced to death by a Doha court for the murder of British teacher Lauren Patterson.

Al-Jabr’s friend, Mohamed Abdallah Hassan Abdul Aziz, also Qatari, was sentenced to three years in prison for helping him burn Patterson’s body, as well as damaging and erasing evidence.

The lawyer for Patterson’s family, Sami Abu Sheikha, said the verdict is only “partially satisfactory” and that he plans to file an appeal within the next two weeks seeking a harsher sentence for Aziz.

During today’s verdict, no mention was made of the monetary compensation that Abu Sheikha petitioned the court for last month. At that time, Patterson’s mother requested some QR20 million be paid by the defendants – QR15 million for the pain her daughter must have endured before her death, and QR5 million for the emotional damage felt by her mother.

Abu Sheikha told Doha News that in his appeal, he will ask that the family’s request for monetary compensation be referred to the civil court.

Death penalty

Both men were arrested after the 24-year-old’s smoldering remains were found by campers outside of Doha in October last year, shortly after she had gone missing.

During the trial, a friend of Patterson’s testified that the four had left a nightclub at La Cigale hotel together, and that the men dropped her home with the promise that they would also drop Patterson off shortly after.

The prosecutor had called Lauren Patterson’s death “heinous, foreign and shocking to a society as conservative as Qatar’s.”

Painting a picture of the crime based on investigation results and confessions from the men on trial, he had told the court that al-Jabar took her to a home he used for sexual trysts with women, “conquered her body,” and killed her by stabbing her twice.

The defense had maintained that Patterson’s death had been an accident, and said confessions obtained from the two men on trial were coerced.

The court was told that the death penalty would be carried out by either hanging or shooting. It should be noted, however, that while the death penalty is still being handed out in Qatari courts, this sentence has not been carried out in Qatar for over a decade.


On hearing the verdict, Lauren Patterson’s mother, Alison, dropped her head into her hands and let out a brief sob. She was supported by more than a dozen friends and family in the courtroom…. see more

source: dohanews.co