Vladimir Putin has cut short his appearance at the G20 summit after pressure from world leaders over the crisis in Ukraine.

During a news conference before he left, Mr Putin praised the “constructive atmosphere” of the summit in Australia, despite his decision to leave early.

He said: “Some of our views do not coincide, but the discussions were complete, constructive and very helpful.”

His decision to leave Brisbane early came after world leaders criticised Mr Putin for Russia’s role in the conflict in Ukraine.

Prime Minister David Cameron said “further measures” would follow against Russia if it continues to destabilise Ukraine.

Mr Cameron also said the summit had sent a message to Russia to stop meddling in Ukraine or risk more sanctions.

He added: “I think what has been good about this G20 is that a very clear message has been delivered by the countries of the European Union and America to Russia about how we’re going to approach this in the months and years ahead.”

On Saturday, Mr Cameron confronted Mr Putin on the fringes of summit over Moscow’s interference in Ukraine.

He warned Mr Putin that Moscow needs to implement a peace deal designed to de-escalate Ukraine’s crisis or future relations with the West are threatened…. see more

source: skynews