It has taken ten years and some rather painstaking work, but  horticulturalists have managed to grow orange raspberries.

The new breed, called Autumn Amber, is the same shape and  size as the red raspberry and tastes the same, although some growers have said they are slightly more tangy.

And while normal raspberry plants bear fruit only once every two years, the Autumn Amber variety has fruit every year.

Horticulturalists at the East Malling Research Centre in Kent crossed a red raspberry plant with the yellow variety using natural cross-pollination techniques until they achieved the perfect orange shade.

The plants are now available to buy and can be grown in the ground or a large container on a patio. Potted plants are available in packs of two for £12.99 from Suttons Seeds in Paignton, Devon, or from

The plants are now being sold in the UK for the first time and can be grown in the ground or in a large container.

Tom Sharples, 65, a senior horticulturalist at Suttons Seeds, said: ‘The breeder used cross pollination techniques to make the orange coloured raspberries.

‘They used an autumn fruiting red raspberry plant with the yellow variety to make the orange shade.

‘Normally raspberry plants only grow fruit on them once every two years but the Autumn Amber will have fruit every year.

‘The plants grow to a maximum height of 6.5ft tall and they can be harvested every autumn after planting in the spring.

‘This is the first time people can grow the orange variety in their garden and they can be grown in the ground or in a large container on the patio.

‘They taste very similar to the normal ones you would find in the supermarket but I would say they have more of a tang to them.

‘We suggest putting them in a fruit salad with red raspberries for a good contrast.’

source: dailymail UK