Police in Los Angeles and Oakland, Calif. were making arrests as protests over the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Mo., turned to vandalism and repeated attempts to block traffic late Wednesday.

In Los Angeles, police tweeted that a “mass arrest for failure to disperse” was underway in the city’s downtown at 6th Street and Hope.

An “unruly crowd was declared unlawful assembly” in downtown Los Angeles and is now subject to arrest, said California Highway Patrol for Central Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, police arrested nine people after they sat in a bus lane alongside the U.S. 101 freeway near downtown Los Angeles.

In Oakland, 150 to 200 protesters marched peacefully for the first two hours. But then pockets of protesters broke off, vandalizing buildings and spraying graffiti in the streets around Telegraph Avenue, according to a report from KCBS. The protest, which started downtown, briefly spilled into residential areas in West Oakland. The Oakland Tribune building was damaged, according to the report, and at least three people were arrested.

The California Highway Patrol, Oakland, said it had a large number of officers around Oakland “as protesters have begun vandalizing buildings and throwing rocks and bottles at officers.”… see more

source: usatoday