Professor Rehana Yakoob in a online interview shared her life experiences with Al-Rasub:


Al-Rasub : Tell us about your early school / college ?


Rehana Yakoob: Ii had early schooling from sukkur then for college sudies i came  to karachi i did my masters in Child psychology and family relations–i have Taught as a professor in a girls college and then became a principal i retired in 2007 -since the age of 26 i am working as a social worker for poor people in hospitals i counsel people for a good way of life.


Al-Rasub : What inspired you to become a social worker ?


I have great faith in my Creator and i love people and serve people to please my Creator -i love people -i am a very soft spoken loving person Anger hatreds jealousies depressions i do not agree with and i am free from it after retirement from a girls college i have given more speed to my social work i joined a cancer hospital too this is all free services since 26 years i was initiated for social work in my student life i was studying on the terrace of my house when in the next house i saw poor family residing in a garage e were studying in a garage with a lantern i called these two girls and gave then tuitions till they became big officers i will put up pic on wall since then i realized giving a little time to others can make their lives, since then i have been guiding counseling helping people that the mission of my life i am married 4 children husband director of a private college and v active in educational activities for students of Karachi basically we are educationists i joined net a few yrs back and i think its a great plat form of learning and counseling i am the president of quite a few organizations i worked for drug addicts for 10 yrs worked a with ANF SINND too. I have worked with ANF as in collaboration for drug abuse awareness – have been counseling since the young age of 26 i have met thousands and thousands of people each person has a diff story each has a diff family -i love people as i love my Creator.

I have also launched an EPDP PROGRAM SEEING the plight of the poor it is a program employment program to diminish poverty we ask for donations of jobs from people and help to give them to the poor. Counseling is my life time mission

I have been active in organizing programs and helped younger generation to be with me in positive activities i believe in love and good work in my free time i listen to music or write as i am a writer too i am a very soft person in nature and i love my children and family my students patients friends and  i write a page every day on facebook.  There is `so much to learn from my experiences i will relate on questions –i am one woman in the world who does not like shopping’s or parties i would rather see a patient : ) thanks.

Al-Rasub:  what kind of counseling you provide and what kind of problems people bring to you ?


Rehana Yakoob : all kinds of problemms husband and wife in laws lost affairs un employment poverty tensions depressions addicts many many more.


Al-Rasub : you think modern media like social networking sites help to reach out    your patients and solve their problems ?


Rehana Yakoob:  Yes they are helping a lot to reach them specially if they are in other cities or out of country, plus social media give me liberty to share my experience with all and create an awareness about different problems and share some tips to solve them.  I will say cancer patients need hope and special support and more awareness about cancer .


Al-Rasub: you want to share a message for readers  ?


Rehana Yakoob: I make use of each minute of life and take care of myself in self grooming and yes my message for all is –take life easy no hatreds no dislikes no anger no jealousies try to understand people love and respect others and love yourself be devoted in whatever you do and you will be ever successful-

“Mein ne mangi Tuj se auron ke liye kushian –

Tera karam u mujhe bhi nawazta raha”

My latest lines –thank you,  yes love people truly make others happy especially the poor you will always be happy.


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