Employers often have a difficult time setting the thermostat at their office. They want to save money on heating and cooling costs, but also do not want their employees to be miserable. Miserable employees are less productive and more likely to leave for somewhere better. To strike the right balance, consider these ideas to keep your office from getting too cold.

Seal Air Leaks

There are a number of reasons to seek out and seal any cracks that may be letting in air from the outside. Sealant can be used in brick siding, around windows or in concrete to prevent cold air from getting in. A more drastic and expensive alternative would be to replace the windows in your office with newer, more energy efficient styles that trap air better. New windows have additional benefits, such as being more environmentally friendly, saving your company money on heating and cooling costs and allowing more natural light into the office. Natural light will not only warm up the office but also make your employees more focused.

Encourage Employees To Bring Space Heaters

This is an ideal solution if only certain employees are cold and others are just fine. Pursuing this option also does not require any money on your part, making it potentially the best solution for both parties. The main downside to this option is that employees may feel resentful that they have to go out and buy a space heater with their own money. A variant on this option would be to buy a couple of communal space heaters and rent them out to employees who get too cold. They could also be placed in strategic locations throughout the office for maximum effectiveness.

Add A Gas Fireplace

Adding a gas fireplace can not only keep your office from getting too cold but also give it a more sophisticated look. This is particularly important if clients come to visit your office on a regular basis. A fireplace looks aesthetically pleasing and will keep customers comfortable while visiting. You could add an authentic wood fireplace, but these often carry too much of a risk and require too much work to be viable for a business office. Instead, use gas logs for fireplace to have a safe but beautiful fireplace in your office.

Provide Warm Beverages

Providing coffee, tea, hot water or other hot drinks can help keep employees warm at a fraction of the increased energy costs that will be incurred by turning up the heat. Employees also appreciate being able to get some caffeine partway through a grueling workday. You don’t have to buy the most expensive products, but do listen to your employees and get brands they like. If you get cheap stuff that tastes terrible, it won’t solve your problems and even open up a set of new ones.

Provide An Exercise Facility

Encouraging your employees to exercise will not only warm them up but also keep them healthier and more focused. To do this, your company can facilitate the formation of walking groups over breaks or even put together your own small exercise facility. Your exercise facility does not need to have expensive exercise equipment or anything fancy. You can simply repurpose an existing room into an exercise room with mats for meditation, yoga or stretching, small weights, perhaps a treadmill and more.

Turn Up The Temperature

Perhaps you really have set the temperature in your office too low. If nearly every employee is complaining, you have had trouble with pipes freezing and productivity has noticeably declined, it might be time to go ahead and crank up the thermostat. Simply turn the temperature up a degree or two and hopefully any complaints will die down. If it is during the summer and the air conditioning being up too high is the cause of everyone being cold, simply turn it down if at all possible.

Employers have a number of options at their disposal if employees start complaining about being cold at the office. By pursuing these options, you can keep your employees happy while still saving money on your heating and cooling bill.


by: Mark Palmer