A Questionable Future  

More important than anything else to someone who intends to support a family one day is to ensure that they have a job with security. A job that you know you’re going to be a part of for years to come can help you budget your life accordingly. You can rest assured that you will have that income to rely on in the future. While it isn’t always possible to predict the future with 100% certainty, you can be sure that by receiving a job with one of the following careers, you’re more likely than not to have a job that can see you through retirement.  

1. Pest Control  

Texas is a warm state. As such, insects and pests are a common nuisance that residents have to deal with. While they may be annoying, it’s absolutely guaranteed that they are always going to need someone to remove them. That makes pest control a solid career to be a part of for those who want to ensure that their job is protected. Unless insects and pests suddenly become extinct–which wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing–you can be sure that there is always someone out there with a pest problem that requires your help. To start your career, you should check out a pest control company in Austin to secure your position.  

2. Wind Turbine Technician  

Because Texas is such a large state with land that isn’t being used, the wind turbine industry has been growing rapidly. With wind turbines comes the need to keep them maintained. As such, one of the most growing jobs in Texas is actually as a wind turbine technician. These guys are making a pretty decent living off of ensuring that the turbines are working properly. All it typically takes is an Associate’s Degree and some training. Some businesses will even hire interns while they attend school, so they can help shape them for their company’s needs. The duty of a wind turbine technician is pretty obvious. You’ll help install, maintain, and repair the turbines. With a little bit of training, you’ll have landed yourself a job, and with the country’s eventual and inevitable turn to renewable sources of energy, you can have the edge of landing a job with lasting security.  

3. Nurse Practitioner  

With the rise in automation and computers taking over many jobs, if you want job security, then you should focus on careers that revolve around human service that requires a human. No robot can ever replace a nurse. While becoming a nurse does require a bit of education, you can expect to earn a sizable income that will make those years spent in the classroom worth it. You’re also going to be expected to have some clinical training to ensure you feel comfortable with the role as a caregiver.

 There are also numerous different pathways for a nurse. You can choose to work in a hospital. However, there are also often staffing needs in retirement homes as well as in-home nurses for private clients. Whatever you’re comfortable with doing, you can likely find a position that fits you perfectly.  

4. Physician Assistant  

Another area that has seen rapid growth in its demand for employees is in the medical field. This is particularly true for those who may want to be a physician assistant. This role is perfect for those who want to work in the medical industry but don’t necessarily want to become an actual physician or surgeon. You can make a decent amount of money and assist a medical team in diagnosing, treating, and examining patients. As you might imagine, education is expected for any physician assistant. However, the education required is significantly less than those of a doctor or surgeon. It doesn’t hurt your resume to have a bit of EMT education or to be a registered nurse either.  

5. Physical Therapist Assistant  

Assisting a physical therapist is another excellent option for those wanting job security. Again, this is a human-human interactive job that won’t see much of a change come the initial robot introduction to the working field. Under the supervision of a physical therapist, you’ll be helping patients recover from injuries and illnesses. This direct care of the person is what makes your job security guaranteed. It’s also good work. These people have either survived life-threatening situations or conquered illness that sought to alter their lives. You can help them take their life back.  

Options To Consider  

As you can see there are plenty of jobs out there for different individuals. By anticipating the future and keeping a close eye on the trend of growing jobs, you can land yourself a job with ease and ensure you keep it for years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bio:  Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.