The US presidential election would be bereft of suspense and less exciting if the rest of the world could vote. Recent polls reveal that left to non-Americans Obama would win by a landslide.
According to a BBC survey conducted by GlobeScan/PIPA between July and September, Barack Obama has overwhelmingly higher global approval ratings than his Republican challenger. The survey that polled 21,797 people in 21 countries found that an average of 50 percent favored President Obama with only 9 percent favoring Mitt Romney. The balance of those polled were either unsure or indiffierent, Care2 reports. The country that topped the list of those whose citizens favor Obama is France, where 72 percent favored him. The Huffington Post reports only 2 percent of the French would vote for Romney. Almost bizarrely, Obama’s “native” Kenya gave the biggest support to Romney with just under 20 percent favoring the Republican challenger. The Huffington Post reports that although Obama would win comfortably, he lost support in Kenya, with a ratings drop of 21 points. Kenyans are probably miffed they are not enjoying the benefits of a “brother” in the White House as they had expected. Romney beat Obama in Pakistan. According to The Huffington Post, 14 percent of Pakistanis polled said they would vote Republican, compared to 11 percent Democrat. But more revealing than these figures is the fact that seventy-five percent of Pakistanis did not favor either candidate. The figures show that both candidates are unpopular in Pakistan. Neither had more than 14 percent support and Romney beat Obama only by a narrow margin. Analysts say this is most likely the effect of the drone campaign of the US military in that country. Most Pakistanis preferred not to respond to the question probably because they did not see much difference between the two candidates in terms of foreign policy. According to Care2, Asia Societyexplains Obama’s unpopularity in Pakistan:

“The Obama administration, despite making serious efforts to enhance aid to Pakistan, continues to be unpopular in Pakistan due to its decision to dramatically expand the use of drone strikes inside Pakistani territory. In the final analysis, Obama’s image suffers most in Pakistan due to his inability to deliver on the ‘hope for change’ he generated during 2008?s election campaign. At the time, many Pakistanis believed that Obama would reverse Bush’s foreign policy in the region after coming to power.”

The GlobeScan/PIPA survey indicated that two-thirds of Canadians prefer Obama. This is consistent with the Angus Reid survey that indicated 72 percent of Canadians favor Obama over Romney. The Huffington Post also reports a September survey by Win-Gallup International, that indicated that the rest of the world favors an Obama presidency. According to the poll, 18 percent of global support went to Mitt Romney, while Obama won 81 percent. The global straw poll included over 26,000 men and women in over 30 countries. Obama’s biggest fans were in the Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland, while Pakistan, Georgia, Israel, Macedonia and China favored Romney. The Daily Mail also reports a poll of more than 570,000 people world wide that reveals that the rest of world have no doubt who they want as president of the United States. The poll conducted in 36 countries revealed that an overwhelming 81 percent favor a second term for Obama and only 19 percent want his Republican challenger as president. What would appear the most inexplicable result of the polls is that the Chinese “voted” 52 percent in favor of Romney. Political pundits may want to debate the reasons for this. Another notable result of the poll comes from the UK. In spite of the fact that a Romney aide touted the Republican challenger’s Anglo-Saxon connection with the British, UK citizens appear big fans of Obama with a whopping 85 percent saying they favor Obama over Romney. Analysts say Romney may have angered the British with his unsavory comments about preparedness for Olympic 2012. According to the Daily Mail, Duncan Hooper, managing editor of MSN News & Sport, commented on the figures for Britain: “Mitt Romney lost all hope of winning Britons’ hearts after suggesting the country wasn’t ready to host the Olympics. He made so many gaffes during a visit to London that it became known as the ‘Romneyshambles.'” Hooper said: “Barack Obama is still remembered as the man who represented a significant and welcome change after the much maligned George W Bush’s eight years in the White House. Obama’s struggles on the domestic scene have gone largely unreported over here compared with his dignified and well-timed overseas visits.” The Daily Mailsummarizes the survey results showing how the world would vote:

Argentina: 83 % Obama, 17 % Romney Austria: 93 % Obama, 7 % Romney Belgium: 93 % Obama, 7 % Romney Brazil: 90 % Obama, 10 % Romney Canada: 83 % Obama, 17 % Romney Chile: 80 % Obama, 20 % Romney China: 48 % Obama, 52 % Romney Colombia: 77 % Obama, 23 % Romney Costa Rica: 83 % Obama, 17 % Romney Finland: 93 % Obama, 7 % Romney France: 88 % Obama, 12 % Romney Germany: 92 % Obama, 8 % Romney Greece: 82 % Obama, 18 % Romney Hong Kong: 85 % Obama, 15 % Romney India: 64 % Obama, 36 % Romney Indonesia: 87 % Obama, 13 % Romney Ireland: 86 % Obama, 14 % Romney Italy: 87 % Obama, 13 % Romney Japan: 75 % Obama, 25 % Romney Latin America: 79 % Obama, 21 % Romney Mexico: 88 % Obama, 12 % Romney Middle East: 79 % Obama, 21 % Romney Peru: 75 % Obama, 25 % Romney Philippines: 62 % Obama, 38 % Romney Poland: 64 % Obama, 36 % Romney Portugal: 94 % Obama, 6 % Romney Russia: 73 % Obama, 27 % Romney Singapore: 82 % Obama, 18 % Romney South Africa: 68 % Obama, 32 % Romney Spain: 82 % Obama, 18 % Romney Sweden: 90 % Obama, 10 % Romney Taiwan: 69 % Obama, 31 % Romney Thailand: 65 % Obama, 35 % Romney Turkey: 73 % Obama, 27 % Romney UK: 85 % Obama, 15 % Romney Venezuela: 77 % Obama, 23 % Romney