Plastic contamination will soon be “catastrophic” for human health and is slowly “killing the human race”, a doctor and environmental organisation have warned.

The stark message comes after research carried out during the Volvo Ocean race proved conclusively that plastic pollution has spread to every part of the planet.

The data was gathered by the yacht Turn The Tide On Plastic, one of seven boats competing in the current edition of the extreme round-the-world sailing event.

Seawater samples collected throughout the 45,000 mile journey are still being analysed, but have revealed traces of microplastics almost everywhere, including in the remotest waters in the Southern Ocean.

The Turn The Tide On Plastic yacht teamed up with Sky Ocean Rescue to campaign for a better understanding over the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.

The dangers of the open ocean that the crew had to overcome while collecting the samples is brought to life in a new Sky News documentary, Turn The Tide On Plastic – named after the boat.

The Portuguese Mirpuri Foundation, another sponsor of the vessel, told the programme the findings were devastating.

Dr Luiza Mirpuri, the organisation’s medical adviser, said: “It will be catastrophic, not now but in the third generation because each time we have diseases, new diseases from new contaminants.

“We are having more cancer, more allergic diseases, more infertility. We are less fertile than our grandfathers.”.. see more

source: skynews