In just a span of a day, a petition to shut down the Mocha Uson Blog Facebook page gathered a little over 20,000 signatures—almost reaching the 25,000 goal.

The petition, created by Paul Quilèt, cites how Mocha’s Facebook page “spreads fictitious and false information about pressing issues in the Philippines…” Mocha, a staunch supporter of Pres. Duterte, has received much social media flak and shameful headlines for her outrageous and even illogical statements concerning political affairs.

Remember when everyone had a field day on Twitter when rumors came out of her getting appointed as social media consultant for the Bureau of Customs? And when a student publication lampooned her for her “insightful” opinions? Apparently, that’s not even scratching the surface. The petition is still going strong. People have left comments ranging from “I’m signing because she post (sic) malicious, not reliable news on social media that causes division to people” to “I don’t think FACEBOOK needs another page that propagated nothing but lies and hatred towards those people who do not share the same views as hers. It is so insulting and disturbing to intelligent human beings who know the truth.”

Uh-oh. Our best to Mocha (well, no, not really) but it looks like people are going in for the jugular on this one… see more