Cute ducks waddling across a road are saving the world one small step at a time.

This video, created by Animals Australia, received 90 million views and almost two million shares on Facebook in 10 days. On first watch, it appears to be a compilation of people being generally awesome helping our feathered friends out, but it is not as straightforward as it seems. The video is part of a campaign to end duck shooting in Victoria and the final message is not cute: “You know what’s not awesome? Shooting ducks for ‘fun’,” it reads.

Lisa Chalk, Communications Director at Animals Australia, told Mashable with the state election coming up this weekend, the organisation wanted to create awareness about the fact shooting of native waterbirds is still legal in the state of Victoria.

“The video was created as part of a campaign to help convince the Labor party in Victoria to change their policy on duck shooting,” Chalk said. “Through this video we wanted to show politicians that overwhelmingly, people want our native waterbirds to be protected, not shot out of the sky in the name of ‘sport’.”.. see more

source: mashable