I have to stab myself at every thorn that i come across so i could also love the leafage. I have to be at the bottom so I could realize how nice is to be at the beginning. And most importantly, I have to be sad so I could  found a purpose for a smile. Everyone goes through different pathways that lead to some goal, and it seems like  i am going through the path with no return, on which everyone first  wants something for themselves, and then for others.


Time erases all – it’s a big lie. The truth is that neither the time nor the people will succeed  to erase some of the scars in our hearts.

Tears in  eyes sometimes do not represent all the sorrow of the world, no smile can prove how much a man is sad or happy. Only with soul is felt when a person is happy or sad.

And, they … They will live to remember, and will remember, to live. Do you think that’s a coincidence!?




By Džemila Dudic

About her first novel:
The novel begins in the 19th century, because of the circumstances at the time of communism. The story takes you in Sandzak, where we meet a respectable family. Colonel Osman, his wife and two sons Rabiah, Billal and Ismet. Lined up like pearls, their lives looked like the most beautiful ranges.  When Osman decided to leave the family and marry the beautiful but evil Pemba, Bilal  the oldest son begins to look after the family. A few years later he went to distant places to finish school and  at the same time works  in order to be able to support his mother and brother. Although everyone loves, principal hates him because of hostility towards Osman. At one point, he loses his reputation, job and was kicked out  from the school, but he got his love that  he fails to marry cos of  mother’s will. After graduating, he returns home, gets a job and marries a woman he does not love. A little later, cos of his faith he loses his job and reputation, but gets something that money can not buy: family. He gets grandchildren and his yard swims with laughter until  he get this terrible disease. This is a story where you will see love and hate, honesty and falsehood. Person who helps others but  gets a knife in the back.  At the same time you will get to know different customs and  personalities.  A story that will make you laugh and bring tears in your eyes.