Walmart, one of the United States’ largest retailers, pulled a Halloween costume inspired by the Pashtun community in Pakistan and Afghanistan after it was deemed offensive on social media, BuzzFeed news and entertainment website reported.

A description of the costume described the product as a “representation” of the Middle East.

“Whether you’re making a serious political statement or staging a political parody, this authentic looking outfit is sure to fit the bill,” the description read.

The packaged costume included a “long-sleeved beige tops, matching beige pants, brown vest, Turban to match the vest and long grey beard.”

Following public outrage on Twitter instigated by the “Mens Papa Pashtun Costume,” the name the garb was being marketed under, Walmart decided to pull the product from all its retailers.

“When it was brought to our attention on social media, we began working to pull this down. We are deeply sorry that this costume is on our website, and we are pulling it down as soon as possible. We are calling on all of the other retailers to pull it down as well,” Brooke Buchanan, senior director of Walmart Corporate Communications, told BuzzFeed News…. see more