The whistleblower behind the leak of the Panama Papers has spoken out in a manifesto that calls income inequality “one of the defining issues of our time” and reveals how large media organizations and Wikileaks weren’t allegedly interested in the leak.
The treatise entitled “John Doe’s Manifesto” was published in Süddeutsche Zeitung on Friday. It starts by dubbing income inequality as one of the “defining issues of our time,” while asserting that the Panama Papers provide the answer to why inequality has increased, claiming that corruption is to blame.

John Doe accuses Mossack Fonseca of using “its influence to write and bend laws worldwide to favour the interests of criminals over a period of decades,” alleging that it “actually did knowingly violate myriad laws worldwide, repeatedly.” He maintains “publicly they plead ignorance, but the documents show detailed knowledge and deliberate wrongdoing.”

The source denies being a spy or working for any government, explaining that he decided to share the information because he “understood enough about their contents to realize the scale of the injustices they described.”... see more

source: RT